What We Do In Your Home At Each Cleaning:

We took a different approach to our cleaning. We listened to clients, and we fixed most of the things that you did not like about other services. This gave us the opportunity to give better quality of service to our clients! We don't have a rotation schedule for detailing your home, or periodically detail a room. We detail every room, every time.

Most homes will take us about 2 to 4 hours to complete during our first visit.
We DO NOT charge a pet charge, pets are part of your family, we would not charge you for having children, and we will not charge you for having four legged family members either!

In your kitchen, we clean and disinfect all surfaces, top, front and sides down to the floor. Meaning, your counter tops, cabinet fronts, stove (top front and sides). Your refrigerator, is cleaned top, front and sides, as well. The microwave is cleaned inside and out. The baseboards and chair rail are damp wiped at each and every cleaning. Your floor is HAND WASHED at every cleaning.

In your Bathrooms, the counter and vanity are cleaned and disinfected top, front, and sides. The tub and shower are cleaned & disinfected inside and out. The toilet is cleaned and disinfected as well. Again, your baseboards and chair rail are damp wiped and the floor is HAND WASHED. Any chrome or mirrors throughout the entire house are Windexed at each cleaning.

In your family room, living room, dining room and bedrooms, all furniture is waxed and polished at each cleaning, all carpeting is vacuumed wall to wall, and if there is a hard surfaced floor it will be HAND WASHED as well. Any knick knacks, shelves, pictures and any other decor will be dusted and Windexed at each cleaning. We will crevice clean knick knacks as needed. As part of your regular service we will make the existing sheets on your beds. There is a $7.00 additional charge per bed to strip and change the sheets.

At each cleaning, formal dining chandeliers, and breakfast lights are dusted off. Once per quarter we will take them apart and wash them in hot soapy water and put them back together for you.
We do supply all of our own cleaning supplies, with the exception of the vacuum cleaner, this is for sanitation purposes. 
Without speaking directly to you, we cannot give you a concrete price for the cleaning of your home. 
PRICES WILL VARY depending on your needs, your budget, the number of people living in the home and several other factors. 
  CALL OUR OFFICE FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 302-420-5191, you may text us as well and ask us to give you a call or you may email us at

This cleaning description is accurate, but may be modified based on client needs.
Our goal is to meet your needs on a budget you can afford!!!
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What You Can Expect From Us At Each And Every Cleaning Of Your Home