Raylene Ewing: Raylene has been working in the cleaning industry for the last 16 years. She loves what she chose to do for a living, "I did not happen into this line of work. I love to clean and the bonus for me is, the getting paid for it".
It has been said, that if you love what you do for a living, you will never work a single day in your life. "I love what I do and have yet to work a single day at it".

     "I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice, and an M.S. in Psychology. I have chosen to have professional background investigations completed by the following agencies: Elkton Police Department, Cecil County Sheriffs Department, New Castle County Police Department, Maryland State Police, Delaware State Police, and The FBI. I have been fingerprinted by all of these agencies as well. You can rest assured that your home is safe while I am in it to clean and that all of your belongings will be kept safe". 

Our Employees:
     Before we will even consider hiring someone to work for us, we complete comprehensive background investigations on them. ( thats where my B.S. in Criminal Justice comes in handy) We reguarly and randomly drug screen employees. We will not accept any applicant that has any criminal convictions or cannot pass a drug screening. Our investigations are nationwide, not just local. We take great strides to ensure your home is in good hands at all times.


Dawn: Dawn has been employed in the cleaning industy for the last 20 years. She is a lower New Castle County resident. Dawn has worked for Forever Clean for the last 7 years. Dawn has worked her way up to being an employee trainer. She is very competent in her abilities and can answer any questions a client has. Dawn is an exceptional people person and goes above and beyond to get the job done. She has been background investigated by the Delaware State police as well as the Maryland State police. Her fingerprints are also on file with both agencies.

Susan: Susan has been employed by Forever Clean for the last 10 years. She loves working with people. She is currently enrolled in college in the Behavioral Sciences. Susan loves children and animals, and they love her just as much. Susan is a resident of Cecil County Maryland and has resided here her entire life. She is also an employee trainer for us; she can also answer any questions a client may have. Susan has had background investigations completed by the Delaware State police and the Maryland State police, along with fingerprinting by both agencies.

Elkton MD 21921
New Castle Co De/ Cecil Co MD
Harford Co MD